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Made by Rach, for you!
Ron/Hermione wallpaper 
15th-Sep-2006 03:35 pm
Ickle Harry
Title: Ron/Hermione
Artist: rachaelisms aka pixie_caramel21
Rating: G, 1024x768
Characters: Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger
Ships: R/Hr
Medium: Photoshop CS and my Genius graphics tablet
Notes: I fiddled around with the colour a bit before I got this looking how I wanted it. Ron wasn't happy with the lurid pink I used when I was making it, and I don't blame him! I also tried blue and green, but I think the dusky rose looks best. Lyrics are from The Wannadies' "You and Me Song".

Check out my resources post for handy bits and pieces by people far more talented than me, including some of the brushes I used to make this.

Be merry!
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